Faucet Repairs

Leaking faucets create an annoying constant drip which can waste water and create a calcium buildup. We repair every kind of faucet–from kitchens to baths and even spigots. We will never try to convince you to replace an existing faucet if it can be repaired. 

Why pay to have a faucet repaired?

The amount of water lost as the result of a leaking faucet is often not substantial enough to justify the cost of having a plumber come out simply to fix a leak, unless it is leaking underneath the cabinet and causing water damage. However, many people will have a leaking faucet repaired during the course of a service call for another plumbing problem, or have multiple faucets repaired, which is a win for everyone.

Why can’t I just fix the faucet myself?

If a homeowner has the skills and the tools to fix a faucet, that’s great! But, many people don’t have the inclination to repair a faucet in the same way they don’t do their own taxes or change their own oil. In that case, we are happy to repair that or any other plumbing issue you have.

Toilet Repairs

We have done thousands of toilet repairs on every possible kind of toilet. If a toilet is cracked, leaking, has an odor, or is overflowing, you need help fast! We provide 24-hour emergency service.

Why can’t I fix my own toilet?

Once again, a homeowner with a few tools and some plumbing skills can perform minor repairs. More difficult problems such as a leaking toilet base or constantly sluggish toilet may require more extensive plumbing knowledge and tools. When you need a professional, we are here to help!

Reasons to hire a plumber to do small plumbing repairs:

Saves water
and annoyance

A professional repair can avoid future problems

Saves the
cost of tools and
endless trips to the hardware store

We perform plumbing repairs, large or small.

Whether you have a leaky faucet or a major plumbing problem, Charity Plumbing will get your plumbing system back to perfect functionality in no time at all. Our plumbing experts can stop leaks before they cause extensive damage or mold, clear a drain, or install a tankless water heater so you’ll have hot water when and where you need it.



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