Gas line repairs

Natural gas is a clean, safe way to run many appliances such as water heaters, stoves, ovens, fireplaces and outdoor grills. But, gas can be dangerous if it isn’t contained and controlled. Gas line repairs should only be handled by a professional. Charity Plumbing has been providing gas line repairs for Phoenix residents for years.

Gas line installation services

When a family moves into a home which isn’t currently using gas service, sometimes they decide to make the switch for some or all of their appliances. We offer gas line installation services and retrofitting in areas where gas service is available.

Gas line hook-ups

A number of appliances require a connection to gas service by a professional. We do gas hookups for all major appliances, including hookups for furnaces, water heaters, ranges, grills and more. 

Is gas safe? 

Natural gas is safe, clean, economical energy for all of your gas appliances. Charity plumbing provides installation, troubleshooting, maintenances and repair service for homes with natural gas appliances so your family can enjoy years of trouble-free gas service.

When you need natural gas

When you need natural gas installation, finding a company you can trust is essential. We have years of experience servicing homes with natural gas and natural gas appliances. Natural gas can provide safe, clean energy. When lines and connections require service or maintenance, choose a professional, experienced technician such as the ones from Charity Plumbing!



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