Our Valley water

Here in the Phoenix Valley area, we have some of the hardest water in the country. For the homeowner, this means mineral buildup and stains, odors, and the need for a significant amount of soap, shampoos, cleaners, and laundry products.

A water softener is an option many people choose to keep their plumbing pipes healthy, their soap usage low, and their fixtures sparkling.

What a water softener does:

  • Prevents mineral buildup in pipes and fixtures

  • Eliminates water odors

  • Reduces the amount of soap required

Water softener repairs

Like all appliances, your water softener may sometimes require a repair. We perform repairs on all major brands of water softeners. 

Water softener maintenance

Regular maintenance will keep your water softener working at optimal performance. While much of the minor maintenance can be performed by the homeowner, it’s a good idea to periodically have a specialist come out and do professional maintenance on your water softener system.

Other water softener facts

  • Soft water is not optimal for healthy plants

  • Soft water isn’t optimal for drinking

  • Lifespan of up to 20 years with proper maintenance

If you need a high-quality, water softening system or would like an upgrade on an existing water softener, or need water softener repair or maintenance, please give Charity Plumbing a call! Our staff and technicians are available 24/7 and have years of experience handling all aspects of water softener installation and repair.

How does hard water affect pipes?

Hard water causes pipes to corrode and rust. It can also create a buildup of scale in pipes and especially joints, which can lead to plumbing problems down the road.

How does hard water affect appliances?

Hard water is the culprit for many problems with water heaters. It also produces a nasty buildup in hoses, tanks, and dishwashers. Because hard water is so laden with minerals such as calcium and iron, it causes staining. Cleaning with hard water requires much more soap and conditioners than soft water. 

A water softener provides high quality water for your home and cleaning needs

Water quality is an issue which many homeowners take seriously, as it affects their plumbing, appliances and cleaning. Charity Plumbing offers water softener sale, installation, maintenance and repair for all major types of water softeners in the Valley. When you think of water softeners, think Charity Plumbing!



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